Two movie rentals from the Redbox. Top Gun: Maverick and Bullet Train. The Top Gun sequel was an incredibly moving comeback with all sorts of unexpected emotions they captured in which I can identify with these days. I was getting this nostalgia from seeing Days of Thunder recently and a personal connection between the legend of the movie series franchise and actors like Tom Cruise. Similarly a heavy hitter from my generations leading actors and actresses, Brad Pitt in Bullet Train. Even when they nonchalantly act in a relaxed manner like it ‘aint no thing, I sense how they stay true to the classics of theater and cinema while still updating to be relevant to the latest trends of character spirituality and method. This movie had a refreshing sense of humor with a throwback to those obviously big advertising spots we used to see in the cult action films and a ridiculous cutting edge in a thing I don’t even know the word for yet. Let’s just call it technology that makes anything in movies possible.