Listening to Keane’s Cause and Effect before work on the Tidal trial.  Keane tricks you into thinking they have these polished radio-friendly tunes and that they get stuck into those rigid grooves and melodies.  I unlock the albums so to speak, out of order during meaningful times in my life and I’m always surprised about how deep they can go and still come up for some pop-sound air.  I think it’s because Keane are real musicians.  Think of the band member that shows up to practice with a new riff they’ve been experimenting with and their mates are surprised and inspired.  Each player does this I believe in Keane and they work on it to keep their fans and selves guessing and feeling new.  Luckily they have supportive fans that allow this kind of musical freedom, or possibly it’s in the balance.  I’m not a big fan of the cover artwork for this album on the other hand and I’m not sure I understand the title yet through track eight as I’m continuing to type this, still it only detracts from my mind’s eye in the complete work as I pressed play on track one or so.  Dance music has my mind so worked out, that I don’t think something like that could force me to press stop.