For the first time, I noticed the extra hour in my night since I keep an overnight schedule. I put the final day to my weekend to good use. Spent time with family and then continued working on a detailed itinerary for the trip to Asia.  I’ve been reviewing my research on HappyCow and typing some plans I already started for Bangkok and Tokyo.  Adding details and continuing the research starting with Bangkok, it’s taking longer than I expected.  Not only do I have to make near final decisions for practically every place I’ll probably eat and shop for food supplies, I also have to figure out the sights I want to see on the trip.  This is because I can’t take a chance on finding 100% vegan restaurants by winging the days as I usually might do.  I also plan on meeting up with at least one person in three of four countries and with limited time that makes strategically fitting everything in even more important.  So although this is becoming more fun as I dedicate further to this vegan life and get excited to go out as a vegan for the first time, it is quite a bit of work and self pep-talks to understand staying positive through compromise.  Everyone needs to test their own limits in their principles especially in life’s big changes.  I couldn’t find something to watch and quickly started the trial for Tidal’s subscription in order to listen to M.I.A.’s new release, MATA.  She starts off warming up so to speak with some fun tracks and I was worried I rushed into a commitment prematurely.  I continued doing some planning in Taiwan, after the earlier work in Thailand, and the sound started to level off into a pro groove of inspirational stuff that synced up beautifully to what I was doing.  M.I.A. always seemed to do that in my international travels considering a sphere of education, so I was comfortably impressed.  My Poppa typed up an itinerary like this when I was younger I remember on a trip to Disney World.  Every hour accounted for and I remember just staring at the paper in disbelief.  Many years later although he isn’t here to witness this process, I know where I got it from.