Typing the sketch outline for the part of the Asia trip to Japan while listening to Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 on Tidal.  I’m trying to visit all the areas pictured on this post we previously mentioned in only two full days and eat at only 100% vegan restaurants.  We are staying near Akihabara which isn’t a far walk from Tokyo Station, so some of the neighborhoods will be possible on arrival before resting the first night.  This album is the evolution of Calvin’s passion projects I think.  What I mean by that is… something like a hobby artists love after making money and freedom to do what they feel most respect for (and want to do).  His hobby happens to also be with music.  It’s really R&B, funk and disco dance rooted stuff that is very refined in my opinion.  Lots of guest stars like achievement badges of social success that make the finished project feel like a playlist for the upcoming party or the one from last night.  I think it’s impressive work, but it doesn’t necessarily have any Calvin Harris signature to it, unless you know his taste.  So at least he could have had ego enough to sing or be featured on one track as a vocalist.  Maybe next time.