I never ended up seeing Keith Urban in concert.  Finally I’m getting around to listening to 2020’s release.  It’s starts off giving me a feeling of serious joy for the bulk of the tracks in half or more of the album.  I know a couple of the songs somehow and really like the electric on these tracks.  Actually he was advertising some cool pictures of him playing a guitar I think for the tour and that’s what I imagined would be a plus at the concert.  It’s too expensive to get as close as I want for most shows these days.  I want to see the chords and gear on stage and be able to get nervous in the crowd.  I have no idea why this is called “Part One”.  Obvious reason would be that a Part Two would follow, but don’t we dislike that concept.  He must really be in love and attached to this title.  Hurricane Nicole is approaching Saint Augustine right now.  That is also my cousin’s name who may be visiting next week.  Great timing I have to decide on this album.