So another “didn’t make it to that one, but”.  Now listening to Swedish House Mafia’s first full-length studio album (Paradise Again) if you can believe that.  Another one for Sara Sampaio.  They were a huge entity to the Pop Dance music takeover when I re-entered the scene in late 2011 and beyond.  Eventually they disbanded before I thought of them as a big deal into Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.  I became a fan of all three eventually, individually at times.  Last year we had a ticket for Ultra, but instead decided to sell it and go to the movies.  This year Ultra has surprised us with Hardwell returning after being a surprise guest last year back from break and Swedish House Mafia’s reunion in America.  You know something is happening in the scene when these sort of things happen.  I think it has to do with live music and social gatherings in general getting jolted back to life post-Covid.  Somewhere in the last sentence I am getting hit by the first explicit track of the album and don’t like that, but the sound so far has been dramatic and epic.  Anyone going to the fest with the first line-up announced?  I bought my tickets around this time last year I think and it was fun having a plan, still they didn’t sell out until much closer to the festival.  This year they won’t last as long, I bet.