Saturday night I saw Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris on the Peacock Channel.  Overall it was a well-made story with some charming actors and actresses.  Although it’s one hundred and fifteen minutes, some parts seemed too short and the ending was a tad rushed.  Rarely do I say a movie could have been longer at that length.  There is a common thread in the shows I’ve seen lately that take place in Paris, however I don’t think they are the Paris I imagine visiting.  There is a night out at a burlesque show that is fine and fancy.  I have researched similar things with a vegan dinner performance, but I’m always picturing a quite lower class of a good time.  At one point she’s drinking wine with some street people in the station and sleeping on a bench, still it feels like it’s on a stage.  Besides that dichotomy of upper and lower class, focusing on obsessions with fashion; the ideas that accompany what we experience watching the depiction of her journey with some imagination, is attractive.  That is what is most intriguing about Paris, in conclusion.  Not only our possibilities visiting there, but our interpretation afterwards of what actually happened.