Went for the triple header with two more albums before I do my other job later tonight.  Alison Wonderland’s 2022 release of Loner.  What a beautiful cover and font.  The music is fairly good too.  It’s not her best album, but part of me would beg to differ.  I think there are a couple of drops that don’t feel right, but she makes up for it on the last track.  So I think there is some inside joke there, but it’s not really a laughing matter.  More of having a sense of humor about the scene and the spiritual effect of music with technology.  Anyways I am partial to her work.  She has a couple explicit tracks and tells some people off from her or some others’ perspective and that’s a little below her.  She makes it sound cool which concerns me for setting an example, but she also sets up her “Bad Things” to sound great framed by the other tracks.  That I liked.  Being a DJ showing that you can take one of your singles and really make it shine in the album.  I followed that up with Buddy Guy’s 2022 release of The Blues Don’t Lie.  It’s an instant classic, but I had no idea he had such a sense of humor.  I haven’t followed him all these years, still I always dreamed of seeing him in small club in Chicago.  There is a huge tour continuing next year with dates on his official website.  Like Alison’s home Buddy Guy is visiting Australia as well.  Can you believe these two?