So I have been tweaking my ASIO settings using the Presonus to route audio through my computer in order to be able to listen to movies from the Roku on my wireless headphones.  I got rid of the blank spaces or dropouts, still now it starts to crackle.  I have to switch the input to the TV and make an adjustment to get through another half hour or so.  Dropouts bother me more for some reason, even though I don’t technically have to pause the video or get up and switch around a few things.  Video is running smoothly with the Roku and my internet, so that problem is at least solved.  The audio is better than Bluetooth was providing me, but I think I’ve tried everything to fix either dropouts or a crackle that starts and won’t let up then unless I fix it.  Anyways on to the movie.  Nope is premiering on Peacock and I began watching after work this morning, then finished just now.  I’d like to categorize it as an alien thriller with awareness about animals in entertainment, though it’s not that simple.  I’m not sure what I was expecting at all the stages I found out about this movie.  I didn’t like the title at first and that pretty much ruled it out as a “see at all”.  Then I saw a clip somehow and I immediately changed my mind.  As a vegan I found some of the animal issues controversial because I’m not even sure I’m slightly okay with horseback riding.  Though I know there is a connection with riders and their horses that I wouldn’t go on a pedestal to them about that rights discussion, I think every situation people face is unique.  This movie goes way beyond that, but doesn’t talk about it really.  From my perspective I loved the passion play in the discussion in my mind while the plot goes on about other ideas as well.  I find it scary these topics are being made into movies and wonder which direction they spin off into.  Is the intention to still make some feel better about the decisions they make in this forum in a defensive way?  Are we really chipping away at the thick ice of topics that were buried for most of my life?  Otherwise they could have been there, but I wouldn’t have known much about that point of view.  So as with many things that become the guiding principle in one’s life, there is a blessing and a curse to the gifts that accompany our mindset and spirituality.  Minority cultures like veganism feel on an individual level that these blessings are personal and directed at us like I could get a big ego about being a part of this revolution.  Beyond where I am coming from, this movie is highly recommendable for many types of movie fans and backgrounds.  It holds a thrilling spaciousness and craving to continue for almost the whole movie.  At first I was let down from the initial hook and wondered what kind of tease was tricking us, like an inferior dynamic structure some films of this year have worked.  It doesn’t let the viewer down for long and kept me guessing.  Set, characters, film score and dialogue are all fairly fantastic and adaptable for those who want to watch again.  Still it is a horror and has some explicit content in a “less is more” sort of way, so I wouldn’t say it is good for the whole family.