I bought vouchers last overnight for the high-speed rail in Taiwan from and to Taipei and the Skyliner from and to Narita airport in Tokyo. I’ve also recently booked a car rental to visit my old home and school’s town practically in the middle of nowhere, Taiwan. Today I printed many of the travel documents because they were cluttering my mind and making me feel like I haven’t completed much of anything. So tonight I’m on a different listening journey. Starting with Arctic Monkey’s The Car and continuing to Wilco’s Cruel Country. I had to take a break and nap halfway through The Car. I keep seeing this hotel restaurant bar somewhere near O’Hare airport that I sat down with my family after one of our flights. Artic Monkey’s is almost jazz like you might have heard in a smoky bar before I was born, but to the point where he could be modestly singing on stage almost in the background of a place like where our family met one night in time I can never quite pinpoint. I think my favorite was the first song. Cruel Country is kind of the same. It is very polished and nearly perfect technically speaking. I like “The Empty Condor” and “The Universe” so far through track 14, which is a saloon song suddenly. I bet both of these would ironically be good for travelling, like the trip I’ll be going on. At home though I would be slightly disappointed if not doing something else and glad I’m reviewing on a free trial at this point while dyeing my work shirt with Rit’s “neon green”. I think they are albums only many years of experience could get on a recording, but for a one-listen through, I’m missing some enthusiasm. It’s like they don’t think anyone is paying attention. Possibly that’s too harsh. Possibly I’m falling into the soul’s trap of the title. Even the next track is going to country. I guess you should get this one for a road trip through Texas or Nebraska, as long as you’ve had enough sleep.