Finally I am listening to Bush’s latest. I have more or less followed since 1994’s Sixteen Stone. I saw Bush in Boston once in a theater and was surprised. I like the albums, but didn’t expect too much from a Gavin Rossdale performance, not sure why. I haven’t heard the last two since Man on the Run, but this one is taking me way back to some really classic, still new Bush. His voice is thick and on solid melodies. There are some heavier rock riffs in the vein of Chevelle or hinting at something grittier than that, yet he goes way back to the 90’s with his vocal sound that is now worn in like a well-polished show car. I hear as many hits as that first album that immediately went down into rock history, on this one. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7. I lost count. I should’ve listened instead of typing this post!