Continuing I found a version that wasn’t marked as “Explicit” of Drake’s latest major release album. Almost at the end of track eight and sad to say that I have disliked every track so far. I think he needs some writers and that he should stop improvising so much. Drake falls into these habits that can only be broken by getting songwriters, arrangers, composers and what-not. Some different melodies and topics. I would say he could go hang out in Nashville and network, possibly even audition staff writers or something. I don’t know if he already does this, if so I would say he isn’t listening much to them about the new direction and notes. Or possibly they are too afraid and writing too close to his current pitfalls. Before I thought he put out too many releases and that may still be true. This album isn’t entirely “Clean” either, but that isn’t the main issue of what concerns me about his status as a musical legend. I think the voice sounds clean and the way the effects or auto-tune is blended has really reached a professional level, but why do I feel like his motto is “quantity, not quality”.