After watching some travel shows on the free Discovery+ trial, I started John Scofield’s self-entitled album. It is just him on solo guitar or sometimes a single overdub on a track comping jazz chords. John plays even traditional jazz stuff with a slight twist of his signature sound. He also loops some riffs with a pedal I would guess and that adds a new element to a unique solo electric presentation. I first discovered him with A Go Go which starts to go way out of bounds of jazz standards or a traditional electric jazz sound. I originally loved that style during my first semester of college which was at Drake University. I found it walking out to the bookstore where one could preview albums in before buying. He later followed that up with Bump, another favorite. Additionally bending jazz boundaries was Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, a fun and engaging band. Bela Fleck did a guest spot with Dave Matthews and my musical world was nearly limitless. I studied jazz guitar on an Ibanez Destroyer and was in a jazz band believe it or not, but that wasn’t really my passion even though I ended up at Berklee College of Music eventually. This would be good album around the holidays playing at the Christmas dinner or something.