I’m getting into some more Christmas shopping and listened to Eddie Vedder’s Earthling.  Big tracks for those epiphany times, except a touch more personal than the band sound of Pearl Jam.  Road trip, graduation, newborn, speech to the team, reunion, wedding and that kind of thing.  It reminds me a little bit of the spirit Chris Cornell’s side project Scream, though it’s definitely not the same sound.  He gives a hint that we could cross cultures with and get out in the world and find him on tour with the solo songs.  Still it’s not too far from Pearl Jam, so they could double up at a fest with two headliners or play each other’s songs.  Right now listening to Kavinsky’s Reborn.  Seriously considering buying some Kehlani tickets for Seoul or Tokyo when they go on sale soon.  I have linked all the blog posts written about the albums I listed on This Year’s Albums.  Kavinsky went through a porthole from the 80’s and if you heard them at the bowling alley, you wouldn’t know this was a new release of 2022.  The paradox is that dance music picked Kavinsky up first and rock-heads snub how dance music is on the biggest mainstages of this decade.  Really the DJs made everyone popular and with better technology, everyone started playing themselves.  So it depends on when you are from.