After some more music and wrapping presents, I fell into inquiring about donating my Christmas present I mentioned in the last post to a youth services group before I even open it.  In relation to Karma Journey for video games and the way I left Seoul, S. Korea since I can’t get in contact with the school’s leaders anymore.  I guess the inspiration was from Blackpink’s Born Pink.  Now I have to wait to see if they would accept such a thing as a new video gaming system.  I also listened to The Black Keys’ Dropout Boogie, which I didn’t really like except for a couple of tracks.  I stayed so still without the album moving me, I almost wanted to book that temple tattoo experience in Bangkok.  Those tattoos have rules though.  Some of them are way out there and not sure which ones are the ones we are supposed to follow and what would happen to the tattoo if we strayed.   My favorite Black Keys is still Turn Blue which I first heard on a plane trip to Russia.  There was also conflict between them and Ukraine at the time, but I didn’t pay attention to the news, so I had no idea how the music was syncing up with my trip’s danger.  I could feel it though.  I did finish catching up with Coldplay and now moving on to Luke Combs’ Growin’ Up.  It starts off quite serious which is an appropriate tone-setter.