So I watched the latest Elvis in doses.  Part of it made me think they were betraying the time period with the production.  Elvis’ “superpower” and persona as his favorite Marvel character.  Mixing modern musical transitions and -was that Miley Cyrus as a fan?  So many liberties that it could have been a reference piece to create a completely imagined superstar, but suddenly it hit me.  That is Justin Bieber going for a cross-persona, cross-generational fame!  His voice and look is very authentic and played the larger-than-life character so well, I didn’t recognize him until the camera captured him at a certain angle.  Overall I was very torn and somewhat disappointed.  Still I couldn’t quite dismiss it.  I thought the sexuality looked overly possessed and voodoo-like; that it felt like they were lying in the reinvention to update Elvis for what?  More record sales and fans?  There is a huge feeling that they want Elvis to exist in another reality and that this idea could join in a huge Marvel reunion of movie heroes and villains.  The TV show Heroes did what so many Marvel movies could be episodes of, yet the magnitude is on a different stage, that they stay movies.  Anyways I finally finished Elvis, which ended with a different setting, but same feeling as the other one I remember.  Still I never caught his actual cause of death until this production.  I have moved on to some other albums and A Christmas Story Christmas.  First to ring in December was Imagine Dragons.  I pressed play on the two-part Mercury albums (Act I and Act II) and listened straight through.  I like Act I better being Act II goes into a story where the lead singer sounds like he is playing a part in a story based on a real tragedy.  Some of it is more raw material and way less polished than the original radio-friendly anthem sound Imagine Dragons is known for.  They end it the usual way with dramatic tear-jerkers and I wondered, what was this all about?  Another one to get into the holiday spirit, but without going to pure Christmas music, is Michael Bublé’s Higher.  I didn’t feel too much of a soul connection, though there are some personal ones and he has a flawless voice.  Some tracks go to the restaurant, the theater or formal get-togethers.  I would mix it for a party though with different stuff because it is widely varied.  At one point I feel like it could be part of a movie soundtrack and another- I’m at a wedding party.  Oh.  I almost forgot to tell you about those Dr. Dre tracks (from the GTA video game release).  His voice is back to that thick California thug sound like I love from 50 Cent’s The Massacre.  It is a little explicit and at least too much on one track.  I didn’t do all of them, but I sensed he could knock us out with some classic old Jay-Z thing that went down in history for every human if he decided.  Right now I am typing this to Fear of the Dawn by Jack White.  I really haven’t caught up with him since Lazaretto I think.  I don’t remember being mesmerized by that enough to obsess over it, nor much of anything besides the cover.  This one has the edge of true energetic and independent rock without seeming too pretentious.  That’s what I fear most of his solo stuff and personality the most, so I guess I’d like to review those other ones after hearing this.  Back to the Christmas movie.  That too was surprising.  The story telling and narration was reminiscent of the original A Christmas Story films.  At first I was worried they were going into a pit that the other movies took me at times from the holidays when I was younger.  That didn’t last too long and although the original elements were still present, the 2022 release is way more golden in a sense.