I finished the Fruitvale Station last night.  It was refreshing to get back into a more dedicated mindset of watching movies and thinking of finishing this year like that, instead of being distracted by so many albums I could catch up on.  I’m thankful of Tidal and the artists for that platform being available with master quality recordings and a good-looking program that works well for such a low price.  I don’t think I’ve ever listened to that many full albums in a month, so the trial really proved it to be a good option.  Cheaper than being a smoker or coffee drinker if you think of it that way, still I usually put more money into the music industry than even the priciest subscription and there are many issues I have with unlimited usage.  Fruitvale Station was possibly too short.  It was incredibly moving and real with some sections that seem out of order like A Journal For Jordan, though my only real problem with it is practically showing us the ending and then developing a character in which we know might most likely die.  Such is life though, so a longer movie probably means a bigger heartbreak at the end considering.  Then overall it crosses into reality, not only being based on a true story, but inspiring an action for change.  As the end of the year approaches, I may try to listen to some other styles of music on Sirius and do a bridge mix on my computer with just a mouse and keyboard.  I’ll probably watch more movies as well, but the theme of next year is still undecided.  The trip to Asia in February will be very minimally attached to technology with a basic smart phone that can only really take “cheap camera challenge” images and is hard to type on, so posts may be handwritten and posted from computer rooms in batches.  I thought about getting a Panasonic mirrorless for the trip since it is a pretty good company for a vegan, but they do partner with Leica on some models.  Leica has a large association with leather despite being a quality lens maker, so that is my hesitation for supporting Panasonic on a major purchase like that.  Hence I’ll most likely be keeping my eye out for other brands and models on the trip even though that won’t necessarily be helpful for our blog this time around.  I remember buying a Sony TX-1 in Japan on one visit many years ago and the buying experience there was memorably enjoyable, so it would be fun to save some money to keep my options open through Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo as well for a purchase like that.