Jumping ahead to zing my creative energy with the New Year thought process, I watched New Year’s Eve (2011). I’ve never seen this movie and it’s full of stars prepping for the New Year of 2012. It’s somewhat mellow and thought provoking as it should be. I at first however, was thinking that there are too many stars, that the constellation can’t shine in any one spot. They still managed to warm up and make some magic. What else is new? Ultra Music Festival announced Phase 2 of their Miami lineup for 2023 in a video on YouTube. My only surprise this time is M.I.A! Otherwise the regular bulk of the best acts are there for the most part and more, still no Mark Knight. I don’t know if I will make it again this year and afraid last year, which would have been my first, was the closest I’ll get. Still looking forward to seeing Kehlani in Seoul. Her track “Altar” from the latest album is blue water road I was listening to while writing the first part of this paragraph and it is quite likable.