Made it to the new Airbnb location after the Greyhound to city bus connection and long walk. It’s an odd spot for a walker, as all walks show restricted/limited access roads on different online map navigations. I watched some of Weird: The Al Yancovich Story eventually. Although some good, energetic acting and appearances, I’m not sure if this is a “true” story. I didn’t sleep much this morning and ended up buying the tracks for the Year-end Mix. So they are on my phone ready to transfer to my computer via SD card. I’m now at LifeSouth waiting to donate a double blood (two units) to jump way out in the lead over tattoos if successful. I’m not sure what else I’ll be able to accomplish after considering I’ve worked over forty hours, gave out holidays gifts to more coworkers than any year and slept less than usual this week. It’s a cool one here in Jacksonville.