I saw this Christmas mystery on HBO Max called A Christmas Mystery.  It’s super cute.  I didn’t like it at first, but then it clicked at one scene and was fairly fun to the end.  It’s not entirely a holiday feeling-full movie, but the main idea is based on a story of Christmas and the meaning it has to them.  I also finished the outline to the Year-end Mix which has in it an intended timing for the ball drop on the East Coast.  Three more songs have been cut, the trial run order has changed by one and a few edited timings will make it nearly complete with some extra practice.  I have bought the characters some Christmas presents and we will have a separate holiday as well.  The collection as many may call it will have an interesting story with my spiritual life which continues to develop this year again around the birth of Christ.  His blessings to us in not only in these modern-day celebrations, but everyday- make it all possible.