Saw the latest Julia Roberts and George Clooney movie, Ticket to Paradise. At first I didn’t like it with all the bickering and I had to take a break and force myself to buckle down for a little longer. There are some really still moments of loving peace that I can’t quite explain. I think there is something behind the scenes I’m watching, beyond the movie’s premise at times. Possibly that is the biggest development in my own appreciation of movies I’ve made during this year’s theme. I’ve grown critical over the years and haven’t been overly partial to the legendary stars that used to not be able to do me wrong. Is it my golden eye, a nostalgic craving or chase for success in a trail that so many of my peers already left long ago? So besides that we had the characters’ Christmas early this morning pretty much during breaks in the movie. Ari and Fluttershy’s gift arrived after I slept a few hours and I checked it later because I rushed out to start the first part of my family Christmas. The box was from an online merch store, but charming to see it was actually addressed from simply Ariana Grande. Now my schedule is super messed up and I think I may miss most of the real Christmas day, including any church service for one of the first years I can remember. Looking forward though I’m tweaking the Yearend Mix and considering adding one of a few tracks from last year. There was really only one music video and two songs I heard at my previous job on the gym’s overhead speakers that I can remember. So I think Maroon 5’s “Nobody’s Love” may sneak into the mix at the end, after Kehlani’s “Melt”. Final list to be determined on NYE unless I can’t wait.