So I had about three Christmases. I couldn’t finish any movie last overnight because of my schedule changing so much between the trip to Jacksonville and hanging out with family. I started Falling for Christmas and ended up turning it off because of some of the absurd humor involving Lindsay Lohan’s character and her fiancĂ©, especially after they lose each other on the slopes. However when I was telling the synopsis to my Nanna later, on Christmas evening, I thought I should finish the movie because it was fun talking about it. So I just finished the rest on Netflix tonight. It got a little bit more serious and was a pretty touching way to start closing out this year’s holiday. In other updates I’m having trouble doing another practice of the Yearend Mix. I may have to do another revision and change the idea of it being on time for NYE’s balldrop. Instead I think it could be a concept piece, released earlier with that intention, so others could mix it for the occasion in theory. Happy holidays everyone. Excited to share more as 2023 approaches which includes our four-country trip to Asia.