There are a few variations of this mix. My computer is giving me troubles mixing this after I got past my own struggles with doing the mix over and over again. Not only am I not in Traktor Pro, my memory isn’t remembering the cues well. So here is this latest list. I had “Heaven Takes You Home” before “Addiction” and “Nobody’s Love” before “Exodus” in the previous version and I thought that was it. This time I forgot “Nobody’s Love” and was thinking of cutting “Exodus”. Other exciting news is that from Christmas gifts, I ordered a DSLM camera with an extra macro lens to share pictures of the travels and am planning two additional trips so far in 2023.  Houston in early April to donate blood with Gulf Coast and possibly get a tattoo.  Then to Seattle in mid-July around my birthday to visit family.  Also thinking about a tattoo in Seattle as well, but probably won’t be looking into one in Asia unfortunately because that would disqualify me for three months from blood donations.  I may have to get a different computer or new phone if I want to properly mix this mix, regardless I plan on uploading the note pages I have for the mixes.  There is some flexibility and the timing can be adjusted between “Hallucinate” and “Riffs of the Night” to coordinate with the proper timing of the ball drop which is one minute before midnight EST.

12/26/22 5:24am – 6:34am
Version 4 rough draft for studying.

Awareness – Anna B May
Flow – Juliet Lyons
Hate That I Need You – Raquel Cole
Farewell – Ali Khan Akbar
Hallucinate (Mass Digital Remix) – Dua Lipa
Ball drop track Riffs of the Night (Extended Mix) – Jos & Eli x Eli & Fur
Stardust (Extended Mix) – Marnik, Orange INC
Nights Light That – BUNT., Georgia Ku
Call Me Now (Extended Mix) – Inna, Michael Calfan
Critical (Extended Mix) – Ellis Moss
These Are the Times (Dyro Extended Remix) – JRM, Martin Garrix
Addiction (Extended Mix) – Tigerlight, Saison
Move Me – Charli XCX
melt – Kehlani
Exodus – Bob Marley and the Wailers