I spent one of my overnights off reviewing the year’s posts.  We saw quite a few movies starting around Scream in Jacksonville and then a huge turning point when I sold the Ultra Music Festival ticket.  I still went to Miami and saw Death on the Nile and Uncharted in different theaters.  I forgot about our Year of Movies theme idea however, but we got jump-started by a determination to figure out what the heck all those Bruce Willis movies are about? That was followed up at some point with Michael B. Jordan movies.  Michael B. Jordan became our most reliable actor choice to fill in some blanks.
Somewhere in the year I committed to a movie theme and couldn’t be too distracted.  There was an album list I did with the help of Tidal and sadly I was somewhat deeply in love with something in the movies it seems at the time.  Still I left to tackle nearly every musical album I listed.  There were some other important entertainment endeavors like watching practically every episode of Seinfeld from the first, subscribing to various premium channels and mixing a few bridge mixes like I used to do regularly at the end of the year.  During the subscriptions to channels like Epix, Paramount+, Cinemax and HBO Max, I saw many great selections that I had never seen before from various years I won’t list on this post.  There was an interesting show called From which frustratingly enough is “from” the producers of Lost. I also visited Houston where I got two tattoos and a piercing.  We added several characters to our group and there are two on the way from Christmas purchases.  I did a maximum possible eight blood unit donations in four double red cell contributions!  We saw four An American Tail movies as well.

Basically in this summary I figured I should make a top list.  Top 5 new movies released in theaters for 2022 and Top 5 albums.  This was incredibly difficult to take away the list of movies prior to 2022 and even the music stuff was heartbreaking from the beginning.  One of my principles is to value entertainment extraordinarily as an entertainer who’s struggled to make a living in it my whole life.  I also love to go over albums again and again and make them a part of my life.  So listening once and fighting that crave or dedication was a major split.  Choosing the best of basically my favorites on these terms is cold.  My struggle and limited quantifiable success though has made me a critic at times who nonchalantly appears while writing, viewing and listening.  I’m not uncaring and I swear I still have the sensitivity of my innocent younger years within.  You will be able to check most of the movies I watched this year and read a little bit about them by using the plus sign menu and under the picture of me at Rocko’s or WordPress’ calendar widget at the bottom of the blog.  There was one movie I couldn’t find in the search that I remembered seeing that was worth mentioning called Like Crazy.  So here is this short boil-down.

Top 5 movies of 2022

Top Gun: Maverick
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
Minions: The Rise of Gru

Top 5 musical albums of 2022

Born Pink – Blackpink
The Art of Survival – Bush
Earthling – Eddie Vedder
Crash (Deluxe Edition) – Charli XCX
Loner – Alison Wonderland

Next year has been blessed with new resources from personal Christmas gifts.  As you may know, these blogs have never quite been able to cross into business territory.  The beginning of this year crushed our pretentiousness and quickly halted expenditures out of my reach that would have been pointless.  However I do have lots of experience that is growing and it may be confusing to wonder what all the effort is about, why do things look so professional or why don’t they?  I just got another job last year and that helped quite I bit, but I threw so much into the trip to Asia for this year. I knew not having much else to spend wouldn’t bother me in the transition if I was planning.  At one point my Nokia I received from the Coronavirus fund under Trump died, I had no way to take quality pictures and focused on writing, but I see how that could turn many readers away.  Now in the last couple weeks we have broke down and bought a Google Pixel 7 Pro, printer, Panasonic G85 DSLM camera with Lowepro backpack and extra macro lens.  The camera situation may be redundant, but we will have new stuff to talk about possibly and they can take pictures of each other. Not to mention mixing capabilities and all the other stuff we do on-the-go with our blog and at home. I also got back the Jerry Seinfeld trip that was cancelled due to the hurricane. I chose to be refunded for the ticket and regretted it somewhat when the ticket prices doubled and mostly sold out, yet I still had the bus ride there and back rescheduled. So I went to StubHub and found a single ticket still available in the balcony. It cost more than my original orchestra seat, but I thought it would be worth it to continue keeping this part of my life alive. Seattle and Houston are still on and confirmed with places to stay booked as well as plane tickets and a fifth trip may be happening towards the end of the year. That’s all for now.