The final trip of 2023 is forming the framework quickly. I haven’t purchased a return ticket yet because they haven’t been released for planning this far in advance. However I have been able to pick up one of the first released tickets to travel to Munich in December. I have booked three accommodations. Two through Airbnb and one studio with kitchen I found on (still booked directly to pay fully in advance). After bouncing around many ideas, I decided to go from the airport to Nuremburg for two nights by train and then to Neuwied for two nights. Nuremburg has apparently the top Christmas market in Germany as well as some appetizing vegan restaurants as found on There are many vegan options in Germany. Berlin has been said on one site to be one of the best in Europe. I’m trying to get a tattoo at MalanTattoo in Neuwied by Michal Malanowski. He has done and still does some YouTube videos about tattooing and art. We talked about some of that stuff on our blog during the Coronavirus times when we began our journey in drawing and practice tattooing. After those quick trips, I’ll be spending the rest of the trip (sixteen nights) in Munich. I have family there and have never visited. I have always thought of Germany as a Christmas paradise and don’t want to procrastinate the dream another year.