When the sun is up, usually that means it’s way past my bedtime. I did see a movie the other night- Thor: Love and Thunder. I wasn’t going to write about this, however I have been really busy and besides trip tweaks, I have nothing else to mention that’s entertaining. This movie was kind of like I expected. I haven’t seen any of this franchise “Thor“. I used to be a sucker for Natalie Portman and was excited to see her in a Marvel movie, but didn’t really want to see this one. Partially because there are other Thor movies I haven’t caught up with, partially because I don’t like this gorgonzola-type cheese. Of course they make the most annoying phrases and what-not seem cool, but just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. All in all Thor: Love and Thunder isn’t half bad, if you get past the “God of this, God of that” and overuse of the word “Valhalla”. Surprising ending and lots of alternative, fun action. I think there are so many people I have met along the journey of my life that would instantly cult over this, still I was mildly irritated because of my own faith I guess. It’s not impossible however to imagine how Jesus still fits into the bigger picture and glad they didn’t try to characterize him with this group. A big thing that bothered me was that I used to find Natalie Portman very attractive and I kept trying to see that in her super-hero suit with homegirl personality, but couldn’t quite get a buzz. That whole movie was probably harder than it looked and with all the effects we take for granted in 2023, I have to say it was one cosmopolitan hodgepodge that even had a group of kidnapped kids in the most unlikely of scenes at several points. It probably should have been a disaster and that in the end, left me impressed.