I did a practice pack for the trip.  There are some new additions to the albums I’m bringing on the trip and I may add others movies or shows.  Check back to this post.  The big December trip to Munich has received some new additions.  Malan has moved to Tatooine Koblenz in the nearby town and even though I have a two night booking in Neuwied, it shouldn’t be difficult to get there.  I received a response and was told he could make an exception and book an early appointment.  We’re working on finding a design in the meantime.  I bought three tattoo magazines for the trip.  After the stay in Munich, I will be going to Dubai by way of Abu Dhabi in search of a drummer friend from college in Boston.  He has been working there for the past ten years or more as far as I know.  I haven’t bought the return ticket yet, but thanks to a promotion from a Citi American Airlines credit card, I’ll get a miles boost of 50,000 by spending some of my Christmas gift on that card.  I don’t know where New Year’s Eve will be (possibly Miami), but this trip is going to require some serious saving!