After lots of work last night printing directions and maps to vegan food places, hotels and transport hubs, I saw a Christmas movie. A Christmas Karen based on A Christmas Carol. It shows the transition of a woman on Christmas after being visited by three Christmas ghost. It’s a little strange watching a movie this far past Christmas and it made me miss the holidays, while feeling a little guilty for belated holiday entertainment. Anyways I ended up subscribing to MoviePass. It was a concept that I guess failed the first time around. Now they are offering different subscription levels in a beta version for limited-time subscriptions. Well I thought I could go tonight before the trip. Apparently I need a four digit code from the MoviePass card in the mail. This is not what the email said. The lady at the only local theater I can reach said they aren’t even doing MoviePass anymore and probably forgot to take this location off the app. So I’m not sure how long this will last. Credits are supposed to roll over, there are no contracts and one can cancel anytime. Since I’m here I thought, let’s finally see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever anyways. The movie will be starting fairly soon.