I hit the pavement with my big, red, used bag given to me by my Mother, with a decent pace. At one point the wheels were shredding off, hot as a cooking pan’s burner edge. I found The Vegan Table, Kokonut and with a little help, a bus to the hotel. I even made it to where I was once collided into near a hotel called NASA Vegas (no fault of the hotel) and the famous rooftop bar, Octave.  By the way the street has changed majorly since then (2013) and the direct path to the convenience I was headed towards are both now gone.

At the bar of Marriott’s hotel, I tried a soda water called Fever-Tree Mediterranean. What an art in bubbles.  Public transport is the best way around, still I love to walk everywhere many times.  I brought a bike light with me and tried to defend myself as if it was a lightsaber last night.  I’m waiting for my Thai friend to go sightseeing and what-not, but the day has had a good start at Lee Jay Veg as titled on HappyCow and some walking with my cameras.

Photos above taken with a Google Pixel Pro 7.