I arrived early in the morning and kept getting in the wrong lines to get out of the airport.  I changed in the bathroom to several layers with a coat, hat and scarf from shorts.  Basically all day and overnight in the plane.  Starlux which is a really impressive airline, forgot I was vegan for some reason and so did Singapore Air for the first leg (also a very great choice for flights).  So I skipped two meals using my meal bar stock, still I was getting drawn out on half-pill dramamine, Jason Aldean’s Macon and a couple of movies eventually before the rental expired.  I finally saw The Post and In the HeightsIn the Heights is basically a cool musical.  I couldn’t believe how emotionally great the cast is and how good-looking?  What an underrated production because making this stuff so natural and life-like has got to be one of the most difficult things I could imagine.  Checking Wikipedia I see the box office didn’t make budget; anyways I have to buy a copy for my Nanna.  Yesterday I checked in early thanks to the Airbnb host to a rooftop apartment like our coworker/foreign manager used to live in while I was teaching at my first international job.  Jet lag crept in for the first time in my trip, but I eventually made it to Yongsan and walked to Itaewon for a satisfying meal at Plant Café and Kitchen after a quick nap.  I walked back to Yongsan and got jammed into a subway train on the way back to my accomodations.  Today I walked to where I used to hang out and teach.  I bought gifts at a couple of the corner stores I shopped at everyday near where I lived and tried to explain my reasons for visiting.  The street store where we’d drink at tables right on the pavement, now is a CU branded shop with a wood patio.  I bought a snack labelled vegan, non-gmo bananas and sat outside in remembrance.  The view is now several super-tall apartment buildings, housing thousands of people.  The whole street and original school building where I taught is completely gone.  So many neighborhoods are like that actually, turning into even more complex cities within this megalopolis.  Exciting for some and sad for others.  I got lost often trying to find my way when old haunts were mashed with shiny, new giants among “perfect blue buildings”.   I returned to the base after some shopping and eventually went to Insadong, the traditional tea area with arts and crafts for sale.   I walked to Myeongdong and back to Insadong for dinner and a tea with after-dinner snacks.  One was on HappyCow called Oh Se Gae Hyang – 오세계향 and the other I requested to add to HappyCow called Artist Village – 에술인의 마을 , at 1st Floor, Insadong 3-gil 3, Jogno-gu, Seoul.  I retrieved a few souvenirs from between the two parts of town as well for myself finally.  A small, yellow glass pig, a quartz crystal shape with point above a square and a shirt with Korean flag and Korean text.  Two more days here including the Kehlani concert on Monday.  I have quite a bit of philosophy and ever-changing opinions about my perspective and what-not from all the countries so far, but I’d like to finalize a summary after Japan concludes.  I still have Jason Aldean’s Georgia to listen to, a few movies to watch plus two tattoo magazines to read.  I also have a virtual interview with Michal Malanowski to do in Japan to decide on artwork for the tattoo we’re planning in Germany.  What a trip so far!