Seoul Art Museum (Highlight: Chun Kyung-ja exhibition)
Seodamun Prison
Met previous co-worker from first ESL teaching job over 15 years ago at Soiroum
Hongdae and Drunken Vegan

Saw my old school’s new location (met previous boss’ son and some other staff)
Ate at Cosmos Sangjeom with friend
Bowling (finished with a turkey on final frame in third game)
Kehlani show

Departing shortly from Incheon to Tokyo listening to Jason Aldean’s Georgia.  It’s been terrific to revisit what was home to me for a couple years in the mid-2000’s.  I didn’t quite see everything, but for a majorly overdue reunion, I was happy to accomplish what we all did.  I think Kehlani is super cute and talented, but I left disappointed as she didn’t sing hardly any songs from the latest album if any at all.  So she struck the one chord I was hoping she wouldn’t in that respect.  See you all next time!

Part Two – In My Own Way – Ray Lamontagne