Night One
Checked in at Belken Kanda
Walled to Tokyo Station for T’s Tan Tan
Yodobashi Akiba next to Akihabara station
Akihabara walk to hotel

Day/Night Two
Exchanged 4K drive I bought for a UHD 4K one
Marugoto Vegan Dining Asakusa
Tokyo Skytree
Met drummer friend from Berklee on Emerald City project for walk around Asakusa
Shinjuku for meal and walk around
Friend departed for home and I continued to
Ginza for a walk and pictures

Day/Night Three
Shibuya by subway
Falafel Brothers
Tower Records
Continued to walk through Roppongi to Tokyo Tower
Bio C’ Bon (grocery store) in Azabu Juban
Ate again at T’s Tan Tan in Tokyo Station
After returning to hotel, walked to Akihabara for shopping one last time

I’ll probably be doing photos albums after returning home and getting through the work week.  Flying shortly to Jacksonville with this connection in Dallas.  Tokyo was a little more difficult than I remember at times and I felt like my room was a continuation of flying at times, but I had an overall great experience.