I’m still processing the trip.  There have been a few questions that have helped prompt the internal discussion, however making it a success being the main focus and continuing along towards my new goals, has made it difficult to finalize conclusions to write about.  I have made some trip plan changes in reference to the Christmas in Germany and the Houston trip has been dramatically altered due to the airline changing my flight by twelve hours.  Nonetheless I watched a movie overnight Saturday.  The Fablemans. Steven Spielberg co-wrote and directed this story based on his own life.  It was captivating and generously moving in an adequately experienced way.  Seeing this after one of the most important travel expeditions of my life was quite a timely boost in reflecting on the connections I made as well as remembering the impact Spielberg has made on my life since I was a young movie enthusiast.  I originally thought it was so bizarre to make a fictional character and direct them to basically play your true story, but during the movie I realized otherwise.  When the actor introduces himself, I feel betrayed to hear Sam Fabelman.  Still thinking if he said, “Steven Spielberg”, I understand there would be an even worse ego mismatch that ruins our perception of the real person.  Every turning point in his childhood is already dramatic in the sense of him influencing and inspiring so many people over the years, that everyone has to consider their own choices and possibilities every day.  I’m glad at this point in my life I am tipping on the balance towards inspiration, rather than regret or overwhelmingness.  Even for a movie over two hours, it ended like some new breaks on a new road, but it wasn’t incomplete.

Rainbow Bridge as Seen From Tokyo Tower