I’m listening to Screen Violence: Director’s Cut by Chvrches on Youtube.  I thought I had listened to this album before, but I’m thinking I was misled by the thought of hearing only one track off of it and seeing the album cover at that time.  It’s pretty good though I think they would be even better in person.  I usually don’t think that way when I listen to albums.  I also didn’t know Ray Lamontagne had three albums I missed- Ouroboros, Part of the Light and Monovision.  Anyways I’ve got a lot of catching up to do still before I even get to unknown artists.  The list of albums I’m bringing on the Houston trip has been updated.  Three of the four have already been purchased and if I can get more, I might bring the ones I removed, but I’m going for a different vibe with the picture project.  I really like the 4K video clips from the Asia trip that the Lumix could capture as well as the ultra-stable ones the Pixel 7 Pro recorded.  This motivates me to start compiling for a music video of some sort.  Most likely that won’t be until next year because computers and software for that are rather expensive.  I uploaded two examples from up in Taipei 101 and Mahanakhon.  Below is a cloudconvert.com conversion in normal quality and the bottom clip is a 4K uncompressed one.  I’ll upload a Pixel one later because I have to go to bed soon.

“Daybreaks” – Jack Johnson