It’s practically day and I’m trying to wind down to go to sleep soon.  I spent some of the evening getting the entertainment for April’s trip on my phone.  All the albums and a movie have been bought from the list at the bottom of “No Problem Houston”.  There is quite a bit of music since John Legend’s album is two discs and so is Morgan Wallen’s.  The movie is inspired from a list of Grammy winners and nominees.  I was somewhat upset about the Grammy results, granted the feeling of interest based on being more a part of the art of movie critics.  I settled with tasking myself to watch most of the Grammy finalists in the writing categories.  Other than that I’m trying to map out the activities to do in Houston.  I had to reschedule the blood donation because the original location is not accessible by public transportation.  For our tattoo I resolved to not attempt another webform appointment, but to just update ourselves on where the shops are and their new names if applicable.  Also checked to see the artists/shops latest posts if online, operating hours and basically that was about it.  So below is the first couple of days proposal of activities.

April 7th Donate blood with Gulf Coast Blood

April 8th 1-2pm MFAH Calligraphy Workshop Museum of Fine Arts Houston (Free, first come first serve with max 20 participants.  Must buy admission to museum so probably will look at the collections.)

April 8th 8pm – Moksh Community Arts Inc & Naach Houston present: Houston’s Got Bollywood 2023 Miller Theater (Free tickets available online one day before the performance at 10am until noon the day of event; tickets for the hill are not necessary.)

April 9th Noon to 5pm or April 11th 10am to 5pm – Holocaust Museum Houston

April 9th 5-7pm Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb Lynn Wyatt Theater

Some inspiration provided by: Visit Houston

Also there are some vegan listings on HappyCow I plan on going to in Houston so far.  They are: Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen, Korny Vibes, Casa Verde Vegan Grill, Mo’ Better Brews, Mantra Kitchen and Kale’s Kitchen.