Last night I was having a tough spell getting into cleaning for my second job.  Saving for Houston in April and Germany at the end of the year, I had a tough goal for this two-week pay period.  I picked up an extra shift last week and was starting to feel like the week was coming to an end when this most recent week had just begun.  Needless to say I was struggling to get started last night which is an overnight shift practically on my own.  At one point I took a break after cleaning the bathrooms and did a 180 on a firm decision to not sell my Lumix G85 with two lenses.  I mentioned before that I had gotten a quote from an online seller.  When they get the gear, they’ll either pay you the cash or trade it for the photo or video gear you requested.  I’m not sure if these funds will all go to savings for Germany or something else, but it was one of the most difficult items to let go.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by having an expensive phone that has a fine camera too and since I will be limited with baggage allowance on the transfer from Munich to Milan to Abu Dhabi, I’m not sure I’d even be able to take that stuff with me.  So the package is on its way to New York and hoping everything is in order.

In other shocking news, Lance Reddick from two of my most favorite shows, Fringe and The Wire, died suddenly at the age of 60 from natural causes.  He is also starring in John Wick 4 which premieres on Thursday next week.  My last tattoo from a shop, as you know, comes from inspiration in Fringe.  I was riding the bike home from visiting my Nanna this St. Patrick’s Day before I read the news, when I heard a bizarre noise coming from behind the tree line of fenced off government property and thought out loud, “That is an X-Files sound”.