Subscribed to a promo of Starz last night in order to watch Inferno with Felicity Jones and Tom Hanks.  Fairly interesting and turbo charged, but not one for the greatest hits necessarily.  Currently listening to the witty lounge song that makes me take on a new sense of humor called “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball” on YouTube.  Arctic Monkeys latest album is growing on me from random free plays and videos with this new attitude that’s defining the optimism in my cynicism.  Deciding how I can pick songs for a new mix to walk in and out of a gym to (in theory).

Also caught Ray Lamontagne’s Ouroboros for free this way, mixed with ads.  It’s a wake up call for me that’s knocking on my door, but I’m not sure how to obviously act without a door.  I ended up buying two tracks after adding a photo to my site captioned with one, but this is a horrible album to listen to on YouTube or separately.  It should be done all together without breaks.