If you are always checking labels and reading ingredients which is essential for a vegan life usually, there is another nuisance I find more often than not. P65 Warning!  I can’t believe the amount of products still purposely made with cancer-causing chemicals.  I looked into it a little more and many of these chemicals are not to be ignored.  One famous backpack maker, Osprey who failed to respond to me any alternative thinking on the choice, uses a chemical described as – easily absorbed into the skin.  These type of backpacks travellers wear on them all the time, sleep on them in airports and wear for long distances, often without a shirt.  There are worse examples though of stuff we cook with, eat with or wear directly onto our skin.  I even saw a turmeric bag with the warning.  How irresponsible?  If you have been a vegan for several years and contacted companies, you already know the calice mentality or feeling of being completely ignored, so this is not a huge surprise.  However it doesn’t keep me from getting outraged.  I bought bike handle grips a little while ago because my current ones are sort of rotting away.  Do these have P65 and the chemicals are getting into my palms as I ride everyday searching for a repalcement?  Well the new ones did and it wasn’t made that obvious.  I had to return them to Walmart who doesn’t list it on the website for this item (usually they do).  It’s sad to bring it up, still usually customer service is getting scared looks and showing me understanding.  Also if the products aren’t for sale in California, companies may not have to put the warning labels on yet.  Still it tells me they decided that money was more important than anything else.  Another example was a popcorn air popper I just returned. Warning label was on the bottom of the box, so I didn’t even notice.  I thought they stopped making BPA plastic with food stuff (which is one of the P65 warning chemicals), but apparently even a big store like Target didn’t even notice or care about that one.  I would prefer not to be smoking these cigarettes and would advise everyone to stop using this stuff.  Definitely stop buying these products and respect our fellow Californians.  Stop allowing lazy companies to get away with profiting from our eventual demise.