I have to work some hours later tonight, but decided to buy a couple more albums.  First was Skrillex’ Don’t Get Too Close.  It’s quite a refined style with lots of hip hop influence.  Leaning towards an Usher-type sensitivity and not overly explicit, that’s not too bad for me.  Although I wasn’t totally feeling wow’d or satisfied with the project at the end, the album is an accomplishment and shows off a great deal of control and detail.  The next album by The Strokes is The New Abnormal.  It doesn’t move me without me first moving myself and I had to start it over again to get passed some of the depth in the lyrics and thick guitars.  I feel like the band is holding the singer in a dynamic prison built by sections and I would rather hear complex transitions of the energy and volume so that the lyrics were free.  Writing this while listening the second time and it’s breaking down a bit and growing on me positively.  That’s a sign it will last longer than a regular poppy and inexperienced production.  As far as shows, I’ve been finishing season two of Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe.  My favorites to see myself since last update are Stockholm, Marseilles and possibly Statford-upon-Avon.  I may have forgotten one or two since I didn’t take notes.  On the teaching internationally update, I had practically decided to rejoin my old school, however it sounds like they are not having foreign teachers there from government restrictions at this time.  I still am having trouble forgetting the change I have felt from the trip since returning and considering working again abroad.  I left one of my jobs to focus on another and just hoping to get through my trips, since sudden moves would jeopardize the second and third plans somewhat.  More updates and the Houston trip starting on Wednesday.