The overcast very gradually parted throughout the day. By the time the sun started drying up the water, I was walking through a Latino neighborhood with families barbecuing and prepartying with a second tattoo on my sleeve.  I had to return the hotel for a rest, since my overnight schedule is split in two and stomach is feeling rebellious.  All the excuses to stay inside, but I left with time to scurry for some food before Naach Houston’s show at the outdoor theater in the park.  Mantra is a gluten-free vegan restaurant that I could say is probably one of the best without going to any others.  Great service and simple, yet semi-formal dining experience.  It has a bar like an art display and food with robust flavors.  The menu accessed through qr code led me to Tex Eggroll and Buffalo Jack Pizza.  Hit all the spots and found myself climbing the hill a few minutes before showtime at 8.  Pictures below, but I’ll try to add a video clip or two later.  Music was phenomenal and adorable dancers with a fun venue I’ve never attended previously.