Today I was slipping back into my overnight schedule.  I managed to get out of the hotel midday to Chinatown to see a writer friend and catch up.  I picked up a drawing book and one Shanghai travel guide.  After a Chinese vegan buffet lunch at Pine Forest, I headed back to Rocko’s Rock Shop for some ear pieces, a mask and conversation.  Upon leaving I walked by the old apartment to look for my little friend who used to be the downstairs neighbor.  She was there with her brothers and some friends!  What luck…  I went to Guitar Center again unable to stop smiling on the way and started leaning towards the Breedlove brand.  A friend from Berklee used to play these and they don’t have a P65 warning.  They sound great and one reminded me of my previous Gibson plus the Taylor I nearly committed to (until I saw P65 lead).  The reason I’m getting more into the sound is a hybrid of Sitka and African Mohogany along with quality craftsmanship.  Deciding about my final day and night in Houston tomorrow.

These days God strikes in my life in a much different way than when I was younger. Happy Easter, Ramadan and Yom Ha-Sho’ah.