View from a bridge.

Returned downtown to the Museum District to visit the Holocaust Museum.

Picture taken on Easter when the museum was closed.

I was rather disappointed because it was all stuff to read and video clips.  I wasn’t mentally prepared for that and rushed through it.  There was an impressive performance space in there, classrooms and meeting rooms.  In addition they displayed an art gallery, made space for a cafe with piano and patio.  Besides an eye-catching architectural design, the capacity to learn and be inspired, saddened or horrified is limitless if you have the patience.  After leaving I stopped into Mo’ Better Brews and it was like happy hour and in-between menus, so although a fun space, I kept going to Lindiana’s Southern.  I nearly missed it with another vegan place on the corner and some stands near it.  One man spoke up and invited me closer letting me know the restaurant is the food truck I didn’t notice!

Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen

I had some tasty jackfruit wings.  He specializes in a perfect fried batter it looked like as I waited.  This was the best prepared jackfruit I’ve ever had.  I was waiting for a wing replacement and now I’m invited to return to see them again.  I appreciated that.  Back to the hotel after visiting some of my old haunts and looking forward to the flights tomorrow.  I love Houston and concluded I feel about the same about it now as Saint Augustine.  Definitely a home yet I’m not settled completely in either for some reason.  I have to prioritize some other places to visit before coming back because I think we’ve spoiled each other too much.

Williams Tower