I lost my notes it seems from the documentary- Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb.  Shame because I had some good lines and philosophies to share.  I have a photo from after the showing of the theater and compiled my favorites from the museum earlier that day.  You can read more on the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s website and find photos of some of the artwork there.  I would recommend visiting in person and not taking photos of the artwork out of context.

Favorites from the The Audrey Jones Beck Building
Marcelle Aron 1914 by Jean-Édouard Vuillard
Symbolist movement influenced by Paul Gauguin.
Émile Henri Bernard invented Cloisonnism and worked closely with Paul Gauguin
The Corn Poppy by Kees van Dongen
Paul Sérusier (Gauguin’s student) 
The Landscape in Valmondois, 1912 by Maurice de Vlaminck 
Garden in Taarbæk by Edvard Munch
Self Portrait by Suzanne Valadon
Suzanne was encouraged by Degas to become an artist.
Neo-Impressionism (many different ones than we usually think of popularly)
The Bonaventure Pine by Paul Signac
Rue Ravignan, Paris, 1893 by Maximilien Luce 
The Windmill on the Onbekende Gracht, Amsterdam, 1874 by Claude Monet
La route (The Road), 1893 by Achille Laugé
Good studies for a tattoo artist to see this variation on possibly what we think of as dot work.
The Morning Paper by William Meritt Chase
The Japanese Book by William Meritt Chase
Subjects of dark, alluring women who look almost hungover or strung out, but in fancy surroundings or dress.
Fountain at Bologne by John Singer Sargent
Madame Ramón Subercaseaux by John Singer Sargent
Young Man in Reverie by John Singer Sargent
Consistent highlights; relaxed details indicate time and show motion.  Good study for tattoo artists using white ink.
Saint Christopher Carrying the Christ Child Through a Sinful World – Circle of Hieronymus Bosch
The Marketplace at Pirna by Bernardo Bellotto 
Inspiration for straight lines as a tattoo artist.
The Square of Saint Mark’s, Venice, 1742/1744 by Canaletto
Canaletto was the son, apprentice and an assistant to Bernardo Bellotto.  Amazing straight line study for tattoo artists as well. 
From Zen Exhibit artists:
Shunsō Joshu
Itō Jakuchū 
Inspiration to visit Constantine, Algeria