There were a few things I forgot to do in Houston.  I didn’t have too much extra time since recovering from a blood donation and travel at times can be underestimated.  I had a knot in my stomach that wouldn’t go away.  I did Covid tests on arrival and before departure as well as when I returned since I still have free government tests from their last offering.  I did watch some reruns of The Office and Friends on TV which was awesome, but I was really listening to my catch-up albums.  Morgan Wallen’s latest hooked me hard and I pretty much defined a frame of mind by it and wore it out like an only t-shirt made of some short-lasting fabric.  I have been fixed on picking a guitar, which before was an easy task.  I’d make an impulsive decision without thinking about money and love it forever (so to speak).  Things are more complicated in the 2020’s.  This post is attempting to recover the feeling I had on the trip to Asia with photos and favorite songs.  Some quick snaps I took in between places I visited, those that I barely wanted to take out my phone to get.  All the albums were pretty good to me as wholes, except for John Legends Legend Act I.  I didn’t love Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation as a whole on relisten, but tried to find a favorite song(s) for this post as well as the others.  Also Ray LaMontagne’s Part of the Light disappointed somewhat.  I find him making music for all sorts of situations of the public eye.  That’s definitely smart and understandable.  For us cryers who like Trouble and those other songs/albums that we don’t want to be seen in public listening to necessarily or at dinner parties, he has to expertly tune his repertoire to stay pertinent in a career in music.  Skrillex made up for the other albums shortcomings on Quest for Fire, still he keeps the vibe of Leaving to this day and I would like to meet him in person to talk about that decision.

“Nervous” – John Legend

“Leave Me Like This” – Skrillex & Bobby Raps

“Nemesis” and “First Chance” – David Gray

“Wildcard” and “Island” – Miley Cyrus

“Born With a Beer in My Hand” and “Last Night” – Morgan Wallen

“We’ll Make It Through” – Ray LaMontagne

“Just Tryin’ To Love Me” – Jason Aldean

“Tonight Looks Good on You” – Jason Aldean

“Eternal Summer” – The Strokes

“Forgetting” – David Gray

“Uneventful Days” – Beck

“Rumble” – Skrillex, Fred Again.. & Flowdan

“Foundling” (track 2) – David Gray

“Gossamer Thread” – David Gray

“Inhale Exhale” – Skrillex, Aluna & Kito