I rarely go to comedy shows.  This event tried to not exist in my life, more than possible to normally still attend.  Even sitting in my seat waiting for the lights to go down I thought to myself, there is no way that this night can be enjoyable.  I was left a small perch on my seat with several large dudes crowding the already limited space on the seats we had.  Finally Seinfeld snuck around the curtain like a young ninja and it felt like the beginning of a Star Wars movie when everyone realized it was him.  There was an opening act and I had begun to theorize that stand-up is like reading to me.  Lose the train of thought or the story and I could be tossed off the bandwagon to a sea of words.  Seemed like once the crowd knew I was coining that as a concept, they wanted to keep jabbing me off the carriage as though I was hijacking it.  Anyways for the most part I was glad to be in the room and make it through the night.  From the level I was on, Jerry looked great and his voice was mostly the same as his on the legendary TV show.  I liked how he sometimes goes into a Larry David mode or other crazy kid sounds, but the only downside was negativity.  Without Kramer, Elaine and the others I kept missing some counterpoint to mix the dynamic up.  By the way Jerry announced some movie he recently finished with Netflix.  I don’t know if that’s true or what because he said it’s a period piece about Pop-Tarts that took three years.