I started listening to some Black Metal with Funeral by Esoctrilihum on the way home from Jacksonville.  Fireworks were going off in my head, even though the lyrics are hard to understand.  After the trips this year and feeling off at work, I finally decided to resign from my final overnight position.  Proceeded to book a trip towards moving to Thailand.  Now is a good time for ESL teaching opportunities of that life that got interrupted when I was in the accident in Bangkok in 2013.  It’ll be ten years since I taught English this summer and will be pursuing tattooing there as well.

My friend from Rocko’s asked me if I wanted to go to a rock show at a club called The End, but I was already going to Houston’s Got Bollywood.  Now is another ending with a big portion of the trip fittingly via Air India.  Thanks to Delta for the opportunity to change my flight for the Seattle trip, so I can connect through Newark from Jacksonville.  More travel posts starting May 7th.