I will be departing on May 7th to Bangkok and have selected some albums for the journey.  Looking beyond settling in on the edge of Chinatown for a month to start, Dave Matthews Band will be giving us their latest album on May 19th.  A couple other possibly interesting new releases on May 12th are: Moby with a greatest hits album (Resound NYC) that changes up the songs, in turn probably reinventing the whole atmosphere and Sub Focus with Evolve. I also hope to start writing an album in Thailand along with the travels surrounding the move and if the trip to Germany still happens in December, possibly record a track or EP there; providing appropriate budget and inspiration.  Any movies I watch, if possible to do without getting motion sickness, will be from in-flight entertainment by Air India.  I’m thinking Indian movies and Bollywood.  Also reading Weed World Issue 162 and Ernesto Che Guevara’s Latin America Diaries (The Sequel to the Motorcyle Diaries) during the transitions.  I didn’t like the ending to the Che’s first book and thought I should stop there for some time.  I ordered a previous publication of the writings last minute, before deciding on the move and thought I should monitor his major changes after time spent with Alberto Granado.  I already have the tattoo on my arm, why not give it some more depth?

Sell, Sell, Sell – David Gray
Butter Miracle – Counting Crows
Blow up the Moon – Blues Traveler
Memento Mori – Depeche Mode
Illenium – Illenium