It’s a strange journey trying to find yourself in the many lives I’ve lived.  Many mid-life crises even though I was never through with half of one.  Battling habits whether they be addictions, ruts, workaholicism or journey related templates, are nearly impossible to avoid.  Changes possibly are perspective, variations in what we do or from the environment over time.  I made it here through a long frustrating layover in Mumbai with Air India.  My brother and I grew up always thinking India was cool and along with it, the people.  Lately since moving to Houston and beyond, I haven’t been always treated well or given respect to my own individuality.  I must resist stereotyping a feeling towards a country though because India is enormous and those that have left living elsewhere vary just like anyone else.  I have to say though my excitements to visit one day are more like fears or dreads.  My big bag has two wheels broken off and the other has a wheel turning to being inoperable by arrival in my room near Chinatown.  I’m still committed to finding a life in Asia as well as who I think I should be, considering my experiences, despite signs of forced loyalty.  Yet the kindness I received leaving America makes it hard to resist living it up for a month in Thailand only to assure the comforts of returning to Florida and waiting to go to Germany in December.  Having an early lunch at Began Vegan near the water and thinking of visiting Khaosan road in the day.