We were planning on watching some Indian movies in the flight, but my seat’s audio jack was out of operation.  So I was limited to the albums I brought and Weed World magazine articles if possible.  What a surprise though! Some of these albums are not to be missed.  Blues Traveler is a band I loved from way back.  What the hell was I thinking loosing track of them?  This is not the latest offering, but it’s hot and full of stars.  John Popper has carved his sound into history and put me back as a super fan since I’m barely a musician these days.  Well I bought a baby classical guitar with a spruce top to work on the next Ckwal, so I’ll have to catch up.  The album hook is, “I let you in,” on track one and it worked well.  Features supporting vocalists that match the flame still burning from the 90’s like Jewel, Rome and more.  It first felt like a decade opening its wings, but I was humbled by leaving it somewhere at one point.  Memento Mori took a subtle hook jab near the end, still I was impressed at that original Depeche Mode vibe being installed dramatically with wisdom as I took it in.  I think I forgot the power of music or something.  Sell, Sell Sell is a David Gray passion piece that highlights some of his humble beginnings and confidence.  He still retreats from some high level energy to the inspired melancholy we know him for in the present.  Illenium’s Illenium saved me in the Mumbai airport and the pop dance blend is spiced with some heavy rock as well as impressive guest artists.  What didn’t I like?  Well as a vegan, I hate the cover and title, Butter Miracle Suite One.  Makes me want to get in the ring with Duritz for a fight club.  It’s actually only a four track album that strikes me as his live, improv style he decided to record.  So how many years has it been for a lazy, critical fan pleaser?  You know the type of fan who would like this one.  So I think I liked one track on fifth listen, but I’m not sure if the rest will grow on me or not.  I’ve seen Counting Crows many times and their album August and Everything After is my declared first CD ever, so I won’t sell my stock on them now.  Welcome back guys.