I’m going out of town tomorrow to visit my friend’s current hometown and have been self-pressuredly busy this week.  Starting with applying for jobs in the wee hours and exploring new areas to screen for commutability and life-meshness.  I spent way too much money getting a new suitcase, trying new consumables and trying to find myself.  Meanwhile I pressed play on several albums.  See this list:

Devolver – Ryan Adams
Flying Games – Mike Gordon
January – Trey Anastasio
It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – Kehlani
Fear Inoculum – Tool

What else is new?  Rufus Wainwright who wrote “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” and defines a smooth memory of Laos will be releasing Folkocracy on June 2nd.  What’s the connection?  Besides being Buddha’s Birthday, a Full Strawberry Moon on the 3rd, its also preceeding when I’m planning to return to Laos by train.  The first time was in 2013 and I’ve dreamed of returning since.

Folkocracy has a cover that looks like they mixed Cake and U2, so what is he up to?  All these albums deserve more listens, but my favorite so far is definitely Fear Inoculum.  I didn’t like it when I skimmed the tracks some time back, but now the comforts of their sound mixed with new territory are exactly my remedy.

By the way Fast and Furious X was not bad. IMAX is one moving way to see this blockbuster. All the actors and actresses are looking top notch and there are some big scenes.  However I didn’t like the flow of it throughout.  Something like a straight flush out of order and again a really sick villain.  Probably my fault for being so experimental in Thailand that their potion didn’t always work right.  The party pre-race scene hit well and so did one line with Scarlet Johansson (looks at her best like the rest) when she says, “Let’s work together!”  I thought this was the last one, but they told us it isn’t.  They didn’t even finish the movie, so you won’t be disappointed going into it as being a Part I.